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Online Ventures Group is a unique content marketing agency with a focus on data collection and social media outreach which can infiltrate any audience

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Here are just some of the companies we are proud to call clients

Online Marketing. Content, the OVG way

'Online marketing' or 'SEO' or 'digital marketing' - this is what we do. However, unlike most SEO agencies, search is just part of our commercial product set. In plain English, our site shows how, from our offices in Manchester we provide SEO services: the process of how we build links, how we investigate/create content marketing strategies and everything else you look for in an online marketing agency. And more importantly, it shows what you don't get from a casual SEO company operation - like amazing research and social media management where we look to place you at the heart of your industry online.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Yes, we do ‘SEO’, yes we hunt, examine and build links, yes we write content for web pages and blogs. But they are just part of a successful online marketing campaign. Many firms that seek to buy SEO on its own invariably have a poor experience. It takes more than on-page search engine optimisation alone to be successful online.

Content writing

We write content and reports based on data from clients and their online industry. We produce insightful industry reports, interactive visualisations, web tools and other useful content assets, which are then fed to our social media and marketing teams.

Social media management

We first ensure that our clients are liked by the industry elite and well-known on social media using our friendly, interpersonal 'derek' principle. Then, using our proprietary social media software such as ‘fabric’ and ‘herd’, we help clients to become sociable thought leaders in their industry. This management of social media accounts then sends qualified visitors to our client’s website. This, alongside our excellent longform content and search engine optimisation produces excellent results in both Google and on social media.

Content marketing

We create marketing reports containing relevant and informative content. These reports are designed to appeal to a highly targeted and specific audience. They never market products directly; they educate and inform, creating preferential attachment in the process. Effective content marketing is key in turning our clients' brands into leaders within their sectors. We even provide a content marketing ideas generator tool for everyone to use.

Web development

Our development web expertise is unparalleled. We are experts in the creation of integrated and responsive websites, which look great on both mobile and static devices. The Wordpress and Magento websites we create are perfect for displaying the content we create and converting visitors into customers.

Digital customer relationship management

And then we take client lead generation data from web enquiries, feed it into our bespoke SEO customer relationship management software (LeadTrigger)...and start all over again - each time with an enriched set of sales and relationship data in the system that gives clients direction.

Industry Changing Software

Online Ventures Group has developed a range of software that dramatically improves the way you interact with your audience

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Lead Management (our CRM system)

The CRM system is the nucleus of our clients marketing activities, it records everything they/we do both on and off line, as well as all client information, prospects, and existing business. The CRM software is always the foundation of any work we carry out with our clients. The system is named LeadTrigger. This is due to its ability to advise your sales staff who to contact. On a daily basis the system will mathematically work out, using touchpoints, influence, decision maker measurements, exactly who your prime clients are. It then e-mails your sales staff a list of 'hot' leads. LeadTrigger is the only system on that market that uses 'touchpoint' measurements and the theory of 'people buy people'. It's based on proven sales techniques used by top salespeople for years. Now, thanks to our technology all sales staff can be the best. The system also informs our staff about the areas they should target, whether they be in the Content, Search, Data, Social or Creative departments.

Mike Friend, Business Development Manager

Industry reports and data visualisations

Reports, surveys, and visualisations of data are the best way, in our findings, to engage with end users. Using a variety of collateral can capture the attention of different personalities/sectors and keep our clients in their memory. We make our client a provider of insightful information, transforming them into a ‘thought leader’ and the 'brand in mind' in their industry. We produce 'thought leadership' reports, asking for comments from industry experts, existing clients and potential clients. Reports have no sales angle at all. The only association would be the branding on every page. This is a very powerful marketing tool that will build preferential attachment to the brand with the people who want to read the content. At this point, they have been educated and not sold to. Reports are then circulated online through social media, email and through direct mail if necessary.The Data Department takes care of the 'intelligence' side of the company - we research constantly to keep up to date with each industry we operate within. We are different to our competitors because we can make any company a thought leader in their respective industry.

Olivia Davies, Head Of Data

Social media interactions

#TeamSocial is responsible for shouting about how great our clients are through leading social media platforms. Keeping on top of all the latest SM trends, the team has its fingers on the pulse and uses the best methods to promote your brand and raise exposure. From sharing interesting and informative social content to building long lasting and meaningful relationships with the influencers in your industry or potential customers; we're the guys you can trust to do the job well. We're also really nice which really helps too! With all the ace reports, blogs and visualisations the Online Ventures Group factory produces, what use is it if we're not promoting and telling the right people about it? This is where #TeamSocial comes in. We take these fantastic pieces of content and target the right audience at the right time, driving people to take a peek at your website. Think about it as showing off in the nicest possible way. This is the fastest and most effective tool to show people just how good you are, and in turn, this brings in lots of lovely pennies for you guys. We're different from our competitors because we are wholeheartedly passionate about what we do. We live, eat and breathe social media. Social is ever evolving and we're industry leaders in this field, constantly researching and making sure we're ahead of the game. We have a specialist in house tool, which we use to bring in all the latest industry news instantly - great if you want to be seen as the "thought-leaders" in your industry. Our clients are happy that we inject personality into their brand and that we're keeping the ball rolling and bringing in business and referrals. Never underestimate the power of what we can do in 140 characters - you'll be amazed.

Dave Lowe, Social Media Executive


Our Search Team makes your company visible. We take content and ensure it is seen by your customers and peers. The work we do allows a brand to been seen and its voice to be heard. Relationship building with those who will potentially share your content is key to growing a business. By making Google take notice of your brand, we can massively increase traffic to your website. This is done by utilising the latest strategies and understanding the fundamentals of relationship creation with your peers and your customers. With help from the other departments here at Online Ventures Group, we ensure that our clients grow. The Search Team are masters of utilising data to identify the places where your brand needs to be noticed. Above all, we understand that content isn't produced for content sake. The outreach assets created by our data and content teams are things that people want to look at, are unique, have an opinion, and teach the end user. We have custom tools created in house, which evolve along with us and our strategies, consistently putting us ahead of the game at all times.

Timothy Alcock, Technical Director


The creative department covers three technical areas: design, development and support. We work on a number of different projects for clients, creating websites from the design stage, right the way through to aftercare. We have a strong process starting a new project where we map out everything, from the site map to a website's blueprint before we even take to a computer. We build our websites (mainly) in two different frameworks, Wordpress and Magento, which we have a years of experience using. As well as creative and development we also offer support. We help the other departments with their projects by taking them to web. It may be an idea the Search Department have thought up, or a new website the content team want making, or even graphics for the social team. Creative takes these ideas and turns them into reality. Our team also has incredible skills when it comes to PHP coding. We are responsible for building all of the tools you see us releasing. When someone in the office comes up with an idea for a new tool, we can have it up and running in as little as two days. What makes Online Ventures Group great is that almost every member of the company comes up with new and exciting ideas. Most of these ideas tend to be web based, so we are integral in ensuring these ideas make it to market. Some development teams focus purely on the websites and that’s all. We have a strong backbone of planning, which takes place before every project. We keep this in place when it comes to creating tools for the business as well. We plan. We map out every possibility. We blueprint the user experience. We design using the latest web standards. We don't just stick to the 'safe ways of design'. We build from the smallest device upwards using industry standard CMS. And, most importantly, we test thoroughly before any project is released. What makes us different from normal development teams would be the effort and care we put into every project. The same effort and commitment that goes into a big project is exactly the same as gets put into a small project. When it comes to creating and developing websites we always make it our aim to make something which will help make the client successful. Most of the websites we build have a set goal in place; whether it be a online shop using Magento or a website which needs lead forms filled in to help with generating business. We aim to create websites with a stand out call to action form. This has benefits in terms of user engagement. All information submitted through our forms feeds right back into the CRM system. This closes the loop, allowing us to adjust our marketing strategies, based on our findings.

Simon Taylor, Head of Creative

Client Services

Our ability to deliver results time and time again would be greatly reduced if we didn’t enjoy close working relationships with all of our clients. The backbone of these relationships is our Client Services department. Client services bridges the gap between the factory and the client. We ensure that all work is communicated thoroughly and no question is left unanswered. We are on hand to manage expectations throughout the campaign and manage any adjustments that are required. Regular contact with a client makes sure that we are up to date with current news in their industry and in return shows that they are on the pulse online. We ensure that each client is managed with a personal touch. There is never any problem too big or small. We understand that each company needs to be dealt with in an individual manner. We specialise in identifying a client's needs before they do; ensuring they gain the most benefit from our relationship. With us you get an extension of your team rather than pillar to post management.

Rebecca Cameron, Client Services Director

We Explode Brands... taking small ideas and transforming them into engaging websites and applications

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Old School SEO vs New School Online Marketing


Content is the new driving force behind getting sites to rank highly on search engines. In the past, some agencies treated it as more of an afterthought. Blogs were written for the sake of it, stuffed with keywords and mostly of an irrelevant subject matter.

At Online Ventures Group, content is given the credit, care and attention it deserves. We never write for writing sake. We realise that keywords are not as important as relevant and engaging subject matter.

Content is the key to connection with potential customers. We never take the chance to make connections lightly. All of the content we create is unique, of the highest quality and written with SEO in mind, not SEO-centric. Our team of experienced writers can match tone and style, delivering exactly what our clients wants every time.


In the past, some online marketing companies have looked to game the system using ‘black-hat’ SEO techniques. Although many of these techniques offer quick fixes, the consequences of using them can seriously affect a websites' ranking in the future.

Online Ventures Group never uses quick fixes. The SEO work we do is always above board and evergreen - it will provide benefits now and moving forwards. Upcoming changes in search engine algorithms do not worry us, because we know they will always complement our efforts.


When companies first began to realise the benefits an instant connection with millions of potential customers could bring to any campaign, they were quick to embrace it. But many went about it in entirely the wrong way, spamming out links to anyone and everyone, without much thought or planning.

Online Ventures Group knows that to be successful on social media, you need to create social connections with the right people. You also need to be sharing content with people who will appreciate it. Our social media strategies are carefully planned and even more carefully executed. We identify the key people in our client’s sectors, then give them access to resources they can use. This builds strong preferential attachment with our clients' brands.

Link Building Tactics

Dubious tactics employed by other search marketing agencies have devalued the benefits an above-board link building strategy can bring to a marketing campaign. Many tactics within the realm of SEO link strategies are no longer effective, yet they are still widespread.

The link building strategies employed by Online Ventures Group ensure that our clients are associated with websites befitting the quality of their brands. By building high quality links to great on-page content, we drive masses of traffic to the websites we create.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management used to be a case of keeping business cards in a file and customer records in filing cabinets. This inefficient system meant that valuable leads slipping through the gaps was commonplace.

Online Ventures Group take customer relationship management seriously. Every contact we have with a potential or existing client is fully catalogued and put to good use.


Much like CRM, data collection used to be an inefficient process, which either lost findings or didn’t put them correctly.

At Online Ventures Group, we extensively analyses and catalogue all of the data we collect. This allows us to learn more about what is working and what isn’t. By applying these findings, we can deliver campaigns that are both highly targeted and highly successful.

Web Development

Much of old-school web development thought processes lead to one of two possible outcomes. Many sites looked great and performed badly in search engine rankings, or vice-versa.

Online Ventures Group do not build websites using outdated thought processes. We always aim to design and create websites which perform to high standards in all areas.

We don’t work using out of date and ineffective processes. We work in our own way - a way we know works!

Did we mention we're award-winning?

Best Social Presence

Digital Agency Of The Year

Employee Of The Year

Online marketing strategies we're particularly good at

Lead Generation Our lead generation tactics are brutally effective. We gain web leads for our clients by producing longform content and sharing content on social media, ensuring that our clients become thought leaders.

Search Engine Optimisation We help to inform Google that your web presence is as good as you know you are. With great onsite content, great user-friendly web code changes, and great content assets bringing people to your site via links and social shares, we ensure a well SEO'd site.

Social Media Management We befriend, cajole, give, inform and impress industry peers and potential customers on your behalf via social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Our social media campaigns are award winning.

Content Production We produce great longform content which befits your great products and solutions. Our content writing service informs, educates and most importantly, it sells. Content solutions from Online Ventures Group include report writing, production of visualisations, web tools as well as longform blog and page content.

Data Collection and Usage We know how to use data effectively. We know how to use data to build winning campaigns. Data comes in two flavours from Online Ventures Group. #1 We know the data behind all UK search markets. Our insight industry data reports are well-known. #2 Our CRM and staff management system, LeadTrigger, has helped to revolutionise how our clients become so much more efficient both online and offline.

Web Build/Design We build the websites guaranteed to get your business noticed. The way you present your content matters. Luckily, our Web Team is one of the best around. From WordPress sites to Magento and everywhere in between, we produce websites that are fast, smooth and get people buying.

Inbound/Content Marketing Compelling content marketing is the key to substantially raising your profile among potential customers and your industry in general. By producing great reports and white papers and then getting them seen by your target audience (using our CRM), great things can happen. Our content marketing services are at the hub of everything that we do.

Pay Per Click Management Our pay per click management ensures traffic is not only driven to your website, but converted when it lands. We run major (and minor) pay per click campaigns for clients ranging from fashion brands to automotive companies. Care and attention make our paid search campaigns a success.

Conversion Rate Optimisation The products we create don't just increase your online presence. They turn visitors into loyal customers. From visitors first being qualified by our longform web content, content marketing and social media outreach to our web and SEO coding, we ensure that people can do what they want in as quick as time possible on your site.

Large corporations, small businesses and marketing departments rely on our creativity and hard work.

Watch this video testimonial from one of our clients, Victoria Finn, Pendragon Group PLC.

Our loyal customers are scattered across a wide range of sectors and industries...


IT Supplies




Interior Design



... and just about everyone inbetween.

These companies depend on our staff, their creativity, hard work and expertise on a daily basis. We'll never take this lightly - or take your trust in us for granted.

Our principles are simple.Be kind , creative and give more in value than taken in payment.

Transparent and honest work methods

We believe that transparency is one of the most important aspects of any business. With other digital agencies, your money goes in and hopefully positive results come out. Online Ventures Group prides itself on keeping clients ‘in the loop’.

To improve communication between clients and ourselves, we have developed the ‘hive’ system. Looking very much like a Twitter feed, hive allows our clients to see exactly what we are working on for them - in real time.

Accessing ‘hive’ is the closest you can get to being in the Online Ventures Group office short of actually being here. You know what we are doing for you at all times. No more working behind closed doors. No more excuses.

Top quality service

Our reputation for providing great digital agency customer service levels is extremely important to us. We believe that all aspects of our marketing work contributes to this reputation as one of the best online marketing companies and as a result, strive for excellence in everything we do. Nothing leaves our office without being certified perfect.

Our client services department is dedicated to making sure that everyone who works with Online Ventures Group is taken care of. Whether a client that requires legacy services such as on-page SEO, link building, or social media management, data reports or our CRM, each is treated to the best search marketing agency customer support we feel is out there.

Clear and concise communication

We do not pride ourselves on bamboozling you with terminology. Ensuring we communicate in a language our clients can understand sets us apart from other digital agencies. Plain and simple: we do great marketing; whatever it takes to ensure delivery.

Great brains; the hardest of hard workers

People always tell us that our marketing is very clever. This is down to one thing: the strength of the people behind it. People don't know how much hard work goes into making our creations look simple and effortless. What appears effortless requires nothing but 100% dedication from our hard-working team.

We make cool stuff so that our clients become thought leadersIn a competitive online environment, we create web tools which make your business stand out and work more efficiently


Fabric is a ‘consoleless’ system which can integrate you into the fabric of any industry. It reads sector specific news on your behalf and gives you access to the best articles. By sharing these resources on social media, achieving thought leader status is made much easier.

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Sonar is a bespoke social media marketing tool that Online Ventures Group has developed. It’s designed to be used by companies which need to be able to interact with the big-hitters, the influencers, the decision makers.

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LeadTrigger is a digital customer relationship management tool born out of necessity. Online Ventures Group knew exactly which characteristics we wanted our CRM system to have. There wasn’t a product which met our needs available on the market, so we created one...

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Network Science

Here at Online Ventures Group, we have an extensive understanding of the way in which networks establish themselves and operate. From the solar system to businesses within a city, every network conforms to the same basic rules. By running marketing campaigns with network science in mind, we can ensure that our efforts are seen by the right people and in the right places. Not only do we apply network science principles to marketing our own products and services, we also do the same for our clients. This allows us to provide a higher return on investment, leading to higher client success levels. Our knowledge of network science has helped establish us as a leading marketing company within our own sector; it can do the same for you in your industry.

Forever Manchester

Online Ventures Group is the official digital partner of Forever Manchester. Our relationship with this amazing charity began with our desire to give something back to the city that has given us so much. We realised the best way to do this way by teaming up with a local charity which already does an amazing amount of work within the community. Enter Forever Manchester. Working with its mantra of ‘Charity the Mancunian Way’ the charity is active in improving communities in and around the city. Without Forever Manchester’s work, many local groups and incentives would cease to exist. The charity has the dream of creating a £50 million pound fund to ensure community spirit within Manchester and its surrounding areas is secure both now and in the future. Everyone here at Online Ventures Group always admired the work Forever Manchester does. When the opportunity to become the charities official digital partner arose, we grasped it with both hands! If there is one thing we are good at, it is making lots of noise and stirring up social media sites. Combine this with the great work Forever Manchester does; and the partnership between Forever Manchester and ourselves becomes a formidable force. As digital partners, we are responsible for creating plenty of content for them to utilise online. In addition, we also run our own fundraisers and events. We are looking forwards to the joint projects we have in the pipeline!

The Future of Online Marketing for OVG

What does the future hold for Online Ventures Group? We couldn’t even tell you, because we adapt constantly and always seek to move forwards. We will always strive to be at the forefront of digital marketing, social media, web content and "Manchester SEO" - wherever that may be. After growing massively in a short time and enjoying massive success in the process, one thing is for certain: whatever happens, the future is undoubtedly bright. In our ‘33 Predictions for Manchester Business 2014’ report, Gary Chaplin, Manchester-based Executive Headhunter, summed up our team perfectly : " other team in Manchester is as ‘together’ as the OV team, whether in their offices or on the stage receiving awards...the team that works together, celebrates success together, achieves great things together."


Please call 0844 871 7291 if you would like to know how we can make you feel happy again about online marketing and SEO.

So, to summarise, if you do still just want our search engine optimisation (SEO) services, we can do that - link building, editing H1 tags, meta tags etc - what you get from an SEO company. But if you want a well-rounded online marketing plan with content and social media at the heart of your web presence, with big data insights, web design, conversion rate optimisation, web tools and longform content, we are the digital marketing company you are looking for.

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