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Free Book: 35 Predictions for Manchester Business – 2014 Edition

What will happen for Manchester in business in 2014?

It will be an amazing year, according to local business leaders. Who are the companies they think will make the breakthrough this year and how will Manchester do in general?
35 Predictions for Manchester Business - 2014
This free, 48 page report is packed full of commentary from people such as:

  • Kate Vokes, Bruntwood
  • Tim Newns, MIDAS
  • Clive Memmott, GM Chamber
  • Michael Taylor, Downtown in Business
  • Tom Cheesewright, Book of the Future
  • Bernard Seymour, Linder Myers
  • Jennie Johnson, Kids Allowed
  • Michael Howard, Urban Bubble
  • Scott Fletcher, ANS Group

See who you think is right (or wrong!) about business predictions this year.

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