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Free Report: How well do London Technology Support Companies embrace Twitter?

This Data::London – Technology Support report is an in depth study into the engagement of Twitter accounts belonging to Technology Support Companies in London and the surrounding area. It offers an insight into which companies are using social media to its full potential, and which could be doing more to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

Data London:: Technology Support Twitter Engagment

This free report is packed full of information about the Twitter accounts of:

  • Amazing Support
  • Lucidica
  • Netstar

The Data Team here at OVG has created this report using search engine algorithms, Twitter API and various other data mining processes. Using these techniques, we have been able to identify a number of facts about the accounts studied. These facts include: number of followers, interactions and hashtag usage. By analysing this data, we have been able to determine which company has the best Twitter account.

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