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Online Ventures Group is a digital marketing agency in manchester with a focus on data collection and social media outreach which can infiltrate any audience

Online Marketing. Content, the Online Ventures Group way

'Online marketing' or 'SEO' or 'digital marketing' - this is what we do. However, unlike most SEO agencies, search is just part of our commercial product set. In plain English, our site shows how, from our offices in Manchester we provide SEO services: the process of how we build links, how we investigate/create content marketing strategies and everything else you look for in an online marketing agency. And more importantly, it shows what you don't get from a casual SEO company operation - like amazing research and social media management where we look to place you at the heart of your industry online.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Yes, we do ‘SEO’, yes we hunt, examine and build links, yes we write content for web pages and blogs. But they are just part of a successful online marketing campaign. Many firms that seek to buy SEO on its own invariably have a poor experience. It takes more than on-page search engine optimisation alone to be successful online.

Content writing

We write content and reports based on data from clients and their online industry. We produce insightful industry reports, interactive visualisations, web tools and other useful content assets, which are then fed to our social media and marketing teams.

Social media management

We first ensure that our clients are liked by the industry elite and well-known on social media using our friendly, interpersonal 'derek' principle. Then, using our proprietary social media software such as ‘fabric’ and ‘herd’, we help clients to become sociable thought leaders in their industry. This management of social media accounts then sends qualified visitors to our client’s website. This, alongside our excellent longform content and search engine optimisation produces excellent results in both Google and on social media.

Content marketing

We create marketing reports containing relevant and informative content. These reports are designed to appeal to a highly targeted and specific audience. They never market products directly; they educate and inform, creating preferential attachment in the process. Effective content marketing is key in turning our clients' brands into leaders within their sectors. We even provide content marketing consultation.

Web development Manchester

Our development web expertise is unparalleled. We are experts in the creation of integrated and responsive websites, which look great on both mobile and static devices. The Wordpress and Magento websites we create are perfect for displaying the content we create and converting visitors into customers.

Digital customer relationship management

And then we take client lead generation data from web enquiries, feed it into our bespoke SEO customer relationship management software...and start all over again - each time with an enriched set of sales and relationship data in the system that gives clients direction.

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