27 tips for writing emails that engage, inspire and convert

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Want to start writing emails that are opened, read and clicked? Well pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you…

Ideas are easy. That’s not me trying to brag or anything, it’s just a fact that given the time most of us could come up with something pretty cool.

No, the real issue here is putting them into motion.

tips for writing emails

Writing emails that people anticipate

Writing emails that engage with your audience in the simplest terms are the ones that stick.

Given the choice, you’d rather look at an email from your friend rather than one from a faceless corporation, right? That’s not to say it’s a fool-proof method though.

So how can we change this? Well for starters you need to keep ahead of the latest trends

Try following these email writing tips:

1. Stop making it about you. Write as if you’re talking to one person only, it instantly makes them feel more personal.

2. Don’t waste people’s time. Unless you have something important to say, don’t say anything at all.

3. Be useful. Don’t just email for the sake of it, otherwise you’ll get a reputation for spamming.

4. Be trustworthy. If you’re selling something, don’t make it the focal point of the message. Give them something relevant that they can work with.

5. Reward them for reading. Give them an incentive for reading your emails. Something as simple as providing a useful service or sharing a tip can be reward enough in itself.

6. Don’t be overbearing. If you come on too strong or give too much information for them to digest, it’s a one-way ticket to the bin.

7. Be on their side. You need to create a persona and remind them they aren’t alone. Sympathise with them and offer a solution.

Tricks for getting emails opened

There are 2,472,155 emails are sent every second. That’s almost 149 MILLION per minute. Every single day.

That’s a lot of spam.

There are more emails sent than tweets, Google searches and YouTube videos combined. A fair portion of those are either deleted, left unread or opened and completely forgotten about.

The trick is in the subject line. They work in the same way headlines do, with the more eye-catching titles getting the most attention.

8. Give them something to look forward to. If you offer people the chance to get something out of what you’re selling, the more likely they’ll be itching to get involved.

9. Use power words. Not just the word ‘power’ and its synonyms, but rather words that will have an emotional attraction.

10. Use numbers. Digits — like 27 — standout.

11. Add intrigue to interest. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit and use the occasional bizarre word. These words will tickle the senses and keep your audience keen.

12. Highlight errors. Show the mistakes and correct them.

13. Don’t be a smart alec. Keep it simple. Keep it short. Keep it interesting.

14. Be experimental. Have the courage to do something different. Don’t be a conformist.

15. Listen to the experts. Look at what others are writing and take note of what works for them. Use this and tailor it to your needs.

16. Meaningless stats aren’t everything. The average reader isn’t an expert. So build a relationship that your readers can understand and commit to.


The secret to engaging with your reader

If you’ve managed to get your foot in the door with a killer headline, you’re now going to have to find a way of staying around.

That’s where engaging content comes in…

17. Write fast. Probably the best advice here… Don’t over think what you want to say, just say it and your personality will shine through.

18. Keep it brief. You’re not writing an essay.

19. Ask questions. Engage with your audience. Let them get involved and decide for themselves.

20. Throw away the formula. Emails that follow a pattern can be spotted from a mile away. ENGAGE with your reader and INSPIRE them to get interested.

21. Add a personal touch where possible. You want your readers to trust you, right? Don’t come across as shady.

22. Don’t sound like a robot. If you repeat yourself and the content comes across as static, then you’re doing it wrong. Mix up your message a little!

23. Make it personal. Use the word ‘you’ to make it feel like you’re talking directly to the reader.

24. Create a narrative voice. Put your marketing to one side for a second and think about the relationships you’re trying to build. Speak to your audience on a personal level.

25. Add personality. Make it human. Use words and phrases that people can relate to.

26. Don’t be a bore. Have a voice. Write short sentences. Talk about something interesting.

27. Get to the point. Don’t beat around the bush – tell the people what you want!

sending business emails

Writing business emails doesn’t have to be a rocket science.

Sure, there’ll be times you get the cold shoulder and nothing sticks. That’s just part of the process though. You shouldn’t take people’s attention for granted, because they won’t always be willing to buy into what you’re selling.

But hopefully with these tips you’ll have enough ammunition in your arsenal to extend your social reach and achieve your long-term business goals!

Interested in some email marketing tips of your own? No problem – head over to our contact page and find out what the OVG team can do for you.

Got some advice of your own? Let us hear your thoughts below!

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