7 Benefits of Paid Social

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It was reported in the first quarter of 2015 that there were over 302 million people using Twitter alone. So with this figure in mind, when we think about all the other social platforms out there with millions upon millions of followers, it perhaps an indisputable truth that a company wanting to grow its business online should make the most of these platforms.

There are a variety of ways to do this effectively. You can create social media accounts, interact directly with users and potential customers and more. But one of the most important parts of any social media marketing campaign is known as ‘paid social.’


Paid social is the act of paying social platforms to target your adverts towards your target audience. But what, exactly, are the benefits of this?

1. You’ll reach the exact audience you need

One of the main benefits of paid social is that you no longer have to worry your adverts aren’t being seen by the right people.

In fact, social media platforms will do the hard work for you and target your adverts at your exact specified audience – which will help you to generate more future business.

2. You could see a growth in business


One of the main rewards of a paid social campaign is an increase in revenue.

If your target audience become aware of your products/services and are interested – the likelihood is they will come to your company should they immediately require your product, or need it in the future.

3. It will help increase your company’s brand awareness

When it comes to doing business online, your company won’t be able to get anywhere if no one is aware of you and what you actually do.

Paid social will help spread the name of your company with the right audience for your products and services. This means that if your business is selling lamps, then next time the target audience need one, your ad could help send them to your website.

Alongside any instant growth, you will also get a slow burning progress towards securing more clients as your brand awareness also grows too.

4. It will promote your social media accounts

If you really want to make the most of social media in marketing, then you’re going to need accounts across the typical platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Doing this will allow you to directly interact with customers, as well as giving you the platform to share useful content that will promote your brand as customer orientated and helpful.

On top of this, it will give your company a way to respond to both positive and negative feedback – the first of which will also help to promote your business to first time customers.

5. It will help generate a higher rate of traffic to your website


The whole point of a great social media account is to encourage potential customers to visit your website, as well as allowing them to keep up to date with the latest news and developments of your business and sector.

Posting useful blogs and sharing them on social media, as well as special deals and more, will encourage users to visit your website to seek further information.

And a higher rate of website traffic could really help revolutionise your online growth by encouraging more sales.

6.You’ll get a better idea of who your customers are

Targeted an ad and not got the result you expected? Then it’s time to consider whether you’re actually targeting the right audience.

You could throw all the money at the paid social campaign that you have, but if you’ve got your audience wrong, then it may be time to think about whether you’re reaching the right type of person for your product or services.

7. You can measure success

Analytics are an incredibly important part of any online marketing effort as they allow businesses to monitor and analyse the success or failings of their campaign.

This is also true of paid social, where you will be able to track how your adverts are doing, ie- how often they are being clicked on, etc.

This real time data will offer a competitive advantage when it comes to ensuring that your adverts are having the desired effect you’re after..

If not, you can change them quickly – which means you no longer have to wait large amounts of time before learning whether your marketing has been effective or not.

Interested in paid social?


If you’re interested in making the most of paid social across all the social media platforms, then get in touch with Online Ventures Group today.

We specialise in providing expert content marketing, as well as managing social media accounts and website building.

In short, we can help make something of your business online.

If you’d like to find out more, fill in our contact form here or give us a call on 0844 871 7291.




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