7 Reasons Your Business Needs Facebook Advertising

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We’re living in an age where most people are doing one of two things when online: Googling or Facebooking.

If you thought that Facebook was losing users to trendy new kids on the block like Snapchat, just bear in mind that as of April 2016, Facebook had a recorded 1.59 billion monthly active users.That’s 0.59 billion users more than second place WhatsApp!

Facebook is still number one, people.

So what does this mean for you?

Facebook is an unprecedented platform for you to reach out to and connect with huge online audiences. Not only that, but you can then convert this audience into customers. More customers equals more money.

Sound good? We’ve compiled 7 of the biggest benefits of advertising on Facebook that you need to know about. (We’ve also thrown some helpful advertising tips in there for you too!)

1. Say hello to new customers

If you’re struggling to get your brand or business noticed, Facebook is a fantastic place to start. With Facebook advertising you can subtly get your business in front of target audiences (more on that in point 2). This includes people who may not be aware of your business or what it offers. Facebook claims to have 1.09 billion daily active users. That’s a whole heap of people for you to get your message in front of.


Source: statista.com

2. Make the most of in-depth targeting options

So you know there’s a lot of people on Facebook, but how do you reach the right ones? Facebook targeting allows advertisers to reach people based on a huge range of factors, including; location, age, interests or job titles. Pretty nifty.

You can also choose where your adverts appear. Between 2015 and 2016, mobile social media users increased 17 percent which means you’re probably going to want to make sure your ad appears on mobiles. You’ll also probably be aware that Facebook bought Instagram. The good news is that you can place your FB ads on mobile, desktop and now – Instagram.

3. Test, test and test again

So what happens if you’re not entirely sure exactly who it is you want to reach with your adverts? No worries.

One of the biggest reasons we love Facebook advertising is the ability to test campaigns at no real detriment to the results.

Whether it’s testing different audiences or different advert images, you can test and refine your campaign as much as you like until you’ve got the perfect advert that reaches the people who are clicking, commenting, buying and generally all-round loving your advert the most.


4. Facebook remarketing lets you remind customers who you are

Facebook ad targeting gets even better, I kid you not. Say someone’s been on your shoe shop website. They’ve had a look around but it’s the week before pay day. By using Facebook remarketing, when they’re next on Facebook up pops an advert in their newsfeed reminding them of your glorious shoes.

They remember they were looking, click on the advert, go through to your website and buy your shoes. Ta-da. (Pst. you can also ‘clone’ these converts, but that’s for another day)…

5. Facebook lets you change it up by amending your campaign

The benefits of advertising on Facebook are huge. Unlike a bus stop advert or a page in the local paper, if you’re unhappy with the results you’re getting from your campaign, you can do something about it. Whether that’s changing the targeting, amending the advert copy or trialling a new picture, Facebook is quite happy with you making your campaign better.

Infact, they want your campaign to be as good as possible.


6. It’s cheap as chips: Facebook ads are more affordable than you think

A question we as an agency often get asked, is how much does Facebook advertising cost? The answer? As much as you want it to.

Obviously the more you spend, the more you can play around with targeting and the better the results. Facebook also allows advertisers to bid depending on the objectives of a campaign. This includes Cost Per Click (clicks to your website) or Cost Per Action – i.e. a download, purchase or page like.

7. Get ahead of the competition

Even if your competition is posting on Facebook, there’s a good chance they’re not advertising on Facebook. Or not doing it properly. If that’s the case, then this is your chance to shine and get those customers before they find out about your competition.

Arm yourself with an experienced ad manager who can create a fantastically targeted Facebook advertising strategy and well-crafted campaigns, and you’ll be seeing results before you know it.

So what have we learnt?

We’ve learnt that in this day and age, Facebook advertising is an essential component in building brand awareness and attracting a widespread audience. But to help sum up what we’ve talked about, here’s a cool infographic that neatly concludes our findings. 

7 reasons your business needs FB ads inforgraphic

Want to learn more about Facebook ads? Our dedicated social media team would love to help! Get in touch with us today for more information on how Facebook can take your business to the next level.

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