The team at Online Ventures Group spend hours and hours reading resources and blogs on our favourite subjects: SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media. To help save you time we have created this list of our favourite blogs and resources from this week, based on how fun, useful and actionable they are.

The ‘Tech Industry’ is an umbrella term covering a number of different businesses, ranging from electronic hardware to software development. Requiring workers with highly specialised skills, the profits made from the creation and distribution of tech products can be massive. So much so, that technology could be considered a vital part of the United Kingdom’s […]

Two weeks ago, Online Ventures released the 35 Predictions for Manchester Business – 2014 Edition. The report features the opinions and predictions of leading business figures in the Manchester area and what they believe is in store for the city during 2014.

After a Christmas break, the Manchester Business Community has now returned to normality. On  January 2nd, most members of the Online Ventures office sent out their New Year emails to people based in Manchester. To our surprise, we found that less than 24% of email recipients replied within 24 hours of receiving our emails, with […]

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the first mobile phone call! Martin Cooper, who is famously the “father” of mobile phones, said that he wanted to create “something that would represent an individual so you could assign a number not to a place, not to a desk, not to a home but to a person.”

Online Ventures Group are a growing digital marketing hub in Manchester. We are growing at such a rapid rate that we now have the following vacancies for our team :: SEO Executive PPC Executive Link Builder Content Writer Social Media Manager

Not one for the faint-hearted! March 29th will mark the arrival of The Starflyer, a 230ft tower which hoists riders into the skyline and spins them at high speeds. Head honchos at the City Council reckon that the ride will attract around 10,000 visitors a week to Piccadilly Gardens and the City. The ride will […]

Facebook and Google are without doubt the two of the largest and most powerful hubs to exist online. So can you imagine the power and influence they would have if they put aside their differences and joined forces? Well, you no longer need to imagine! The two internet giants have come together to create the […]