Hays Salary Guide

Hays is the world’s largest recruitment company. It operates in 33 countries and employs over 8,000 staff. Hays placed 57,000 people into permanent jobs and 212,000 into temporary positions in 2014.

Every year Hays Recruitment produces a PDF salary guide for each industry it operates in. The salary guide is an integral part of the Hays business and a valuable resource for people to gain information about their current and future job roles.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to replicate the success of the printed salary guide offline success in the form of an online, web based application. At the beginning of the process, we were provided with the overall aims and objectives of the project by Hays:


Primary Objectives


  • Establish the Hays Salary Guide as the first place clients and candidates think of/find when researching salary information
  • Provide an informed overview of the employment/candidate market in a useful way
  • Transform salary data into an attractive, engaging online experience for both clients and candidates


Secondary Objectives


  • Generate leads (i.e. convert potential clients into active employee seekers, and candidates into active job seekers with Hays)
  • Facilitate greater opportunity for Hays to cross-sell our services in multiple specialisms


What we did

We did this by building the most complete online salary guide ever released in the recruitment industry. It offers unparalleled insights for people looking to understand their employment status and future options.

In addition to this, there are also insights for employers, allowing them to comprehensively understand their industry landscape.

Since the Hays Salary Guide was launched, it has received widespread acclaim from both the recruitment industry and its users.

The success of the Hays Salary Guide has led to us being contracted to create versions for the rest of the European countries Hays operates in.

The Result

Hays were extremely happy with the outcome of the project. This has now prompted further countries that Hays work within to want a digital salary guide, which will be deployed in over 32 territories around the world.

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