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TABlites is an electronic cigarette provider based in Manchester, with stores throughout the North West. It aims to provide customers with e-cigarette devices that act as an alternative to smoking.

The Challenge

TABlites required a new website to facilitate sales to promote their electronic cigarette products. Its previous website was difficult to navigate, not visually pleasing and didn’t display products in the most attractive manner. The framework being used was WordPress, with an integrated shopping cart plugin.

Although this did provide a reasonable level of e-commerce functionality, it didn’t meet the overall level of requirements needed to compete online in the long term.

What we did

To achieve these goals Online Ventures Group designed and developed a highly customised Magento build. We created multiple custom built plugins and modules along with a custom responsive theme built from scratch.

The custom product template now provides a much cleaner interface for the user, with informative tabbed sections that house detailed product information, reviews and related products. All of the product photography was re-done. Some products, mainly the e-liquid bottles, were created using illustrated templates in Photoshop. This was to make it easier for TABlites to add new products quickly.

The new streamlined shopping cart page will complete the entire order process on a single step page. The new checkout interface is clean, simple to use and efficient in its functionality. As users edit their details, the page updates on the fly using jQuery Ajax to keep the whole process as quick as possible.

The new theme created for TABlites is completely responsive down to any screen resolution. This ensures that the user will receive a uniformed experience no matter what device is being used. Since implementing this responsive design we have seen TABlites conversion rates on mobile devices increase dramatically.

The Result

Our aim for TABlites has been to ensure that the brand has a stellar social media presence in comparison to competing E-cigarette stores. Through regular engagement with potential customers and members of the vaping community, we have seen the TABlites brand grow from strength to strength.

Our carefully planned out strategy has led to lead generation and custom for TABlites, as has exciting social media campaigns such as ‘World Cup Vapes’, which has added personality to the brand.

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