My First Week at OVG: Welcome Erika

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This month we welcomed the very talented Erika Verbovska to our team, as she looks to bring her years of skill and experience to the Office Manager role. Not only is Erika studying for a degree in Business Management, but she’s also fluent in a number of languages as well as being a karate master!


My first week at OVG

Wow what can I say? I’ve loved every minute of my new job and it’s great to meet and work with such an incredible group.

I’m pretty shy around new people, so to my relief I was given the opportunity to sit down and have a mini one-on-one chat with each member of staff before I started. It was like a little speed dating session in which everyone had 25 seconds to talk about themselves and help me get to know them a little better. It was such a great introduction!

I know it sounds preachy, but I genuinely feel at ease at OVG. I used to work in a recruitment agency and at times it could be really stressful, but here the atmosphere couldn’t be more different. It’s very relaxed. That’s not to say it’s easy, but rather everyone works together towards the same goal and pushes you to do better.

Learning new things

I’m like a sponge: I’m always trying to learn new things and soak up as much information as possible. Whether that’s figuring out what my colleagues do and how we can help each other or if it’s acquiring a new skill to improve my knowledge, I feel it’s important to better yourself.

I’m even studying for a psychology degree in my spare time, so everyone in the office will have to be on their best behaviours because I’ll know what they’re thinking! Seriously though, I’ve always found the human mind really interesting, so getting to know different things about people will open me up to new ways of thinking.

Birthday celebrations!


Despite only being at OVG for such a short period of time, I already feel like I’m a part of the furniture! This feeling was only helped by the surprise birthday treat that my colleagues got me this week, as they all chipped in to buy me my very own ice cream maker – am I really that predictable? It just goes to show how much they know me already.

Not only that, but I was given the day off too so I could relax and enjoy my birthday in the best way possible – by having a spa day of course. Shout out to The Midland hotel for an incredible day of pampering!


Coming from another country and learning new things can be pretty scary, but that’s why I think it’s cool to be a little different. I think people should embrace that feeling, which is why when I set up my OVG Twitter account I decided to show this off and have a little fun – hence the #AlienAndProud hashtag.

It’s just a testament to how welcoming my start to OVG has been, with everyone going above and beyond to make me feel like a member of the team.

Make sure to give Erika a follow over on Twitter!   

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