My First Week at OVG: Welcome Mark

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At OVG we regularly like to add new members to our team. That’s why on the 14th June 2016 we said hello to our new SEM Specialist, Mark Dalton. Here’s what he had to say about joining the OVG team and what he got up to in his first week.

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Well, it all started on your typical cold and wet (go figure) Manchester morning.

I took the train and walked in from Piccadilly Station – taking a right where I should have taken a left. As such, after literally going round the houses and looking like I had swam the shipping canal to get there, I’d finally reached my new workplace. 

Leaving a trail of water behind me I was shown into the office and to my new desk where I was afforded a little time to drip dry. Still looking more morning-after-snowman than I was comfortable with, I was then sent to the board room for my speed dating initiation.

My heart sank – being a quiet country boy, having everyone in the office whirl in and describe themselves in 30 seconds was pretty daunting. I need not have worried; it was a doddle, and it was instantly clear that this was a good crew and one that I would fit into.

I have never met such a mixed bag of people. You have bride-to-be Sara, wannabe Disney Princess Suze, Dane who has an unhealthy Ryan Gosling man crush, Sam with her equally questionable addiction to some dodgy ‘Boro’ delicacy called Parmo.

Then you have the Dev team including Tom Fisher who – and I’m sorry to say ladies – has the best hair in the office. Not forgetting the other Tom our bearded padawan, resident laser expert Hannah, double degree ninja Erika and social gurus Leah and Olwen.

Even the two Managing Directors, Paul and Justin made me feel instantly welcome from the get go and my manager Neil was incredibly approachable which helped me feel instantly at home. 

After some general admin and contract ho-pokery, Neil took me for a tour around the office building and then for some scran (full cooked breakfast) in the canteen – it took me three months in my last job to even find out there was a canteen, so that was refreshing.

The next couple of days were spent on task; familiarising myself with all of the accounts that we service and researching the clients and companies on our books, which is always a difficult but fun period of learning.

The main thing I needed to learn here however was the difference between appropriate and inappropriate banter (although the Dev team have different (read no) rules on this – anything is fair game for those guys).

Wednesday turned out to be a fun day. Dane had organised a staff outing to ‘Common’ for a Friends themed pub quiz where we had a bite to eat, a few drinks and learned that Hannah and Sara have had a misspent youth (the rest of us were surplus to requirement).

It was great for me however, as I was able to get to know the team outside of work a little more – socialising with colleagues is a crucial factor for me so I was happy to get to know people outside of our working environment.

Thursday came along fast. We were two days down already and the office held a strange atmosphere with it being the England vs Wales Euros game. Not everyone was for England though including Welsh-born Sara and sweepstake hopeful Erika who were both cheering for Wales. As it was, 2pm came along and everyone AFK’d rather than downed tools and crowded round to watch the match, which we thoroughly enjoyed (although Sara and Erika had the last laugh).

So despite getting lost and very wet on my first day, I feel that my first week went pretty well. I got to know everyone a little bit and every single person made me feel part of the team. Neil in fact said that even after only four days I was like part of the furniture (I just hope he meant a comfy chair or something cool rather than some naff piece of junk your Nan can’t bear to throw away).

I’m looking forward to getting to know the team a lot better, learning more about my job until the day comes when it will be my turn to welcome someone new into the OVG family.

My first month has flown by. It’s been fun and exciting – long may this continue.

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About Mark Dalton

Mark has been part of the OVG team since June 2016. He can usually be found on a cricket field chasing a ball at the weekend, or with his head buried in a fantasy novel. He is a lifelong Manchester United fan, is currently writing his own book, loves to cook and fell out of a second story window onto his nappy as a baby.

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