My First Week at OVG: Welcome Tom and Hannah

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Here at OVG we’re always looking to grow, so when the chance comes along to add new talent to the team we simply can’t resist! This past month we have added not one, but TWO new staff members to our content and web development departments, so check out how they got on…

OVG Team

Tom Fisher – Junior Software Developer

After a crazy few months studying at university, learning the intricacies of software engineering and writing my dissertation, I finally completed my course and ventured off into the adult world. Fortunately, I wasn’t in the wilderness for too long, as I was given the exciting opportunity of working for OVG as a Junior Software Developer.

Getting to know everyone!

Starting a new job can be pretty daunting, but my nerves were soon put to rest as my first day was mainly about getting to know everyone in the office.

I was introduced to my new colleagues with a mini “speed intro game” in which each member of staff would have 25 seconds to tell me about themselves. This was a really nice way to get to know everyone as it meant there were no awkward silences and everyone was happy to talk about what they did – it was great!

The game took all the pressure off starting at a new place, so now whenever I want to speak to anyone, regardless of their department, it’s super simple.

Starting to learn!

After I got to meet everyone I was then passed on to the development team, where I was given my own space next to some of the more experienced guys (as a junior developer this was massive!). Thanks to the expert guidance of Will, I was quickly familiarised with the type of languages and frameworks we use at OVG.

The thing that stuck me the most about the dev team was that everyone was happy and genuinely loved the work that they were doing – a nice change from being at university!

It wasn’t long until I eventually settled in and the infamous dev team banter started flowing, which again was really nice to see that everyone could let off steam but still get work done and to a high standard.

All in all everyone has been really nice and I am excited to keep working hard, learning more and having fun.


Hannah Field – Junior Content Writer

Having already met a few of the team before my official start date, I was keen to experience the day-to-day lifestyle of working for OVG.

Naturally, this made arriving for my first day a little easier and everyone else was welcoming too.

Meeting the team

In a session of speed dating, I got to know 25 seconds worth of information about everyone. This was a great way to put names to faces and find out who best to mither for answers to my endless questions.

For some, though, 25 seconds clearly wasn’t enough. Later on, after 30 minutes of talking my ears off, Suze suddenly remembered a vital piece of info she hadn’t managed to tell me yet – “I’ve joined Singing Club!” – before launching into further stories of singing, tea and pugs.

Learning new skills

As I had very little experience of writing using keyword research or even AdWords, my first day was spent watching training videos and practising using Google AdWords and Moz. The next day, once I was confident in my new knowledge, I made a start on actually writing.

That first week I wrote about the history of barcode scanners, how pension changes will affect you, the content marketing of Lemonade, Beyonce’s visual album and even appeared in a Star Wars video… 

A broad variety to say the least!

Team bonding

OVG Quiz

Like pretty much everyone here, I’m a bit of a social butterfly so I was thrilled to be invited to a networking event on my fourth day and thoroughly enjoyed going to a pub quiz social a week later. Next time I will be revising 1970s electro-pop before hand. That round was a disaster!

Now it’s my third week I feel more settled and have just, this minute as I’m writing, been given a Lumière sticker that marks my acceptance into the clan.

I’m already excited to see what week four will bring!

If you would like to keep up to date with all the latest OVG news (and fun), be sure to check in on our amazing blog!

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Dane joined the Content Team in October 2015 before jetting off for a week to Copenhagen. When he isn't travelling the world, he can usually be seen at obscure gigs, watching Ryan Gosling films and making terrible dad jokes. He is also partial to a rum, football and pursuing his dreams of being a stay at home mum.

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