At OVG we offer an exciting and innovative software package in the form of LeadTrigger, designed to effectively manage customer databases. This Customer Relationship Management tool is beneficial for achieving optimal results.


→ Enhanced customer loyalty – CRM tools allow you to understand customer behavior as well as customising services that are catered to unique needs
→ Advanced marketing – The ability to store information on an online system
→ Improved efficiency – CRM software tools enable companies to interact with customers in a more accurate way which improves efficiency


What can CRM platforms do for your business?



CRM software allow companies to use a reliable online alternative that can be accessed by a multitude of people. Employers and employees are able to manage their customer relationships more effectively without it being left solely to one colleague and a spreadsheet.

Data manageability

Data is one of the most fundamental aspects of any business. CRM tools allow companies the opportunity to monitor the data of their clients/customers in a more manageable way through the implementation of data analysis.

Increased accountability

A well-structured CRM tool gives employees across all departments the chance to understand the responsibilities they must obtain when working with customers. Using this advanced method will showcase when a task hasn’t been completed, who is responsible and ways in which this doesn’t happen again.

A more beneficial customer experience

Ultimately, the main goal for using a CRM system is to increase the customer experience. It’s a great way to keep the company-customer relationship more accurately tracked which will consequently improve interaction in the long run. Better communication leads to happier customers!

Our Software Packages



At OVG we weren’t entirely content with the CRM software tools available to us so we did the only logical thing – we made our own!

LeadTrigger is a type of CRM tool which helps you take control of your online lead generation. Your customer interactions are marked with ‘touchpoints’ which are interactions your company has with potential and current customers. Using artificial intelligence, LeadTrigger then provides your sales staff with a daily list of the leads that are most likely to convert.

Location need not be an obstacle because LeadTrigger can be operated and accessed via a mobile device. In today’s technology-filled world, almost everyone from every industry is going mobile, and LeadTrigger allows business to carry on as normal so matter where in the world you may be.

Key benefits of LeadTrigger


  • Touchpoint technology gives employees the chance to discover a more accurate target audience through leads. Tracking leads manually is a thing of the past, giving works the chance to focus their time on other areas of the business.
  • Size doesn’t matter when it comes to LeadTrigger. It’s a system that suits any type of business to make every sales process simple to manage. All activity is stored on the system and can be accessed by other staff members at a later date.
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