As a company, it’s your responsibility to know your audience before you try sell your product – but does everyone who works for you know who your business is geared towards? Do they know the lifeline of customers that are keeping your company afloat? And their peers that could be future income for you and […]

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It’s not always easy creating a killer content marketing campaign. Most of the time, it requires months of trial and error. You’ll write one great blog, maybe two, and then you’ll wonder why your site traffic dipped all of a sudden. Or maybe your infographics share well on social media, but your blogs fall by […]

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has endured some pretty bad PR recently. And the content marketing sector is partially to blame. We’ve all been guilty of propagating ‘content is king’ – as if other marketing techniques, like PR, social media, and (most importantly) SEO, are second-class citizens in the marketing monopoly. The problem with the ‘content […]

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Like many of you reading this, I can remember a time when the internet was a home for special interest groups, mainly flash animations and little else. How times have changed! Now when it comes to trying to define marketing, time and time again online and content marketing will appear.

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Brand publishing is the buzzword of the year for many marketers, especially those who are also in the midst of embracing native advertising for all it’s worth. Many content marketing experts are now looking to brand publishing as the new way forward for content marketing, as it provides a whole raft of benefits that would […]

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Between 29-19 BCE, the Roman poet Virgil wrote the first Latin epic poem of his generation. The Aeneid, as it would later be named, was a 1,896-line poem which detailed the triumphant return of Aeneas; the epic hero who escaped from Troy and travelled across the Aegean, facing numerous perils, and eventually settling in Italy. […]

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Content is one of the most important things a business can produce. You could have developed one of the most amazing products in the world, but with no content to explain what it is and who you are, it’s more likely than not that your existence and product will be ignored. There are different ways […]

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It’s commonplace for brands to now hire agencies to create content in order to grow their business. Content marketing is now the big thing in the digital world – content eccompasses blogs, videos, whitepapers, infographics and guest blogs – all of these things help to drive engagement and build brand loyalty. Loyal customers buy more […]

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If the name of the game is content marketing, then format reigns king. In 2014, a ‘new trend’ emerged in marketing that took the industry by storm. Content marketing became the tool par excellence for attracting and retaining customers through the production of valuable and meaningful content. Initially, all of this seemed a little odd. […]

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