It’s not always easy creating a killer content marketing campaign. Most of the time, it requires months of trial and error. You’ll write one great blog, maybe two, and then you’ll wonder why your site traffic dipped all of a sudden. Or maybe your infographics share well on social media, but your blogs fall by […]

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The internet is a very crowded place, so when it comes to creating content – and more specifically headlines – what steps should you take in order to make sure that people click on, read and then share your work? Not only this, but what can you do so that you’re content is easily findable […]

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Content is crucial to online marketing. With over 80% of people using search engines to browse the internet, it has become mandatory for websites to use online marketing and to incorporate blogs into their website to ensure a high rank within search engines when keywords are searched for. However, the sad truth is that you […]

About Online Ventures Group

In the spirit of starting fresh in the New Year, Online Ventures Group has dusted off the cobwebs, refreshed ourselves with a wonderful Christmas break and has released a brand new whitepaper that looks into the future.

About Online Ventures Group

There has been a revolution recently in online marketing and Google has been the driving force, with their numerous algorithm updates: Panda; Penguin and Top Heavy. Ironically, in an attempt to improve the quality of search results, Google have accelerated the importance of building an online brand and somewhat lessened the need to be found […]

About Olivia Davies

As I sat mindlessly watching television on Sunday evening, the most wonderful advert appeared on my screen bringing me almost to tears. The advert I speak of is the new Google Chrome ad featuring The Cambridge Satchel Company. It summed up within a minute exactly how online marketing and viral tactics can make the most […]

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If your intention for your website is to receive no revenue, sales or visits, then feel free to click onto something else. If not… It’s a well established fact that content is vital when embarking on an optimisation and/or marketing strategy. It really is. But, a less debated concern is what type of content is […]

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