On April 18th, we welcomed our latest Junior Search Executive, Tom Dutson. Below he talks about his first week with us and what he has learnt so far. If you were wondering how we came up with the title of this post, take a look below… 

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Suze has been part of the OVG Content Team since June 2015. She can usually be found at the theatre enjoying the latest musicals, in the Disney Store spending way too much money or baking tasty treats at home. She is also a massive fan of Harry Potter, French bulldogs and tea.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has endured some pretty bad PR recently. And the content marketing sector is partially to blame. We’ve all been guilty of propagating ‘content is king’ – as if other marketing techniques, like PR, social media, and (most importantly) SEO, are second-class citizens in the marketing monopoly. The problem with the ‘content […]

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Dealing with duplicate content is one of the most irksome aspects of being a writer, and in terms of being an online writer, you also have to deal with the ramifications of copied content. Whether it’s been done in a scheming ‘black hat’ way, or whoever’s responsible for the copying did it completely innocently, duplicate […]

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In the dizzying heights of content marketing, where online users are subjected to enough daily information to fill 764 newspapers, it’s easy to suffer from information overload. However, it’s not just readers who are struggling to process all of this data. A recent study by eConsultancy demonstrated that 91% of digital companies are producing more […]

About Rachel Murray

It’s commonplace for brands to now hire agencies to create content in order to grow their business. Content marketing is now the big thing in the digital world – content eccompasses blogs, videos, whitepapers, infographics and guest blogs – all of these things help to drive engagement and build brand loyalty. Loyal customers buy more […]

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In the spirit of the new year, I’ve started to contemplate ways in which I can change and better myself. Like the other billion or so people that are decreasing their booze intake and swapping normal, beautiful potatoes for the sweet sort, I’ve overhauled my lifestyle and have made changes that are now part of […]

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Content is crucial to online marketing. With over 80% of people using search engines to browse the internet, it has become mandatory for websites to use online marketing and to incorporate blogs into their website to ensure a high rank within search engines when keywords are searched for. However, the sad truth is that you […]

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