The Truth About Analytics

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Analytics is one of the most important parts of your online marketing campaign. It allows you to monitor your website, any apps you have, and also how your ads are performing.

Where do people join/leave your website? How long do they stay for? How many pages do they view? How do they get there? What’s your bounce rate?

These are all key questions that you should be asking yourself when it comes building up your online marketing so that you can get the most out of your campaign.

But there are a lot of false rumours out there about analytics.

That’s why we’ve put together this blog, so that you can vanquish any analytic doubts you have and use them to take your online brand to the next level.

But first, what exactly are digital analytics?


What are digital analytics?

Digital analytics offer a way to monitor how your website or app is performing.

Google Analytics can track things such as where your users are from, when they tend to make macro conversions more often (aka, when they make a purchase), and much more.

It’s a monitoring tool, and even though it may sound complicated, it isn’t. Also, the reports that you can gather together by recording this data will really help you to identify successes and failures within your online marketing.

But before you set up any analytics, you need to decide what your business objectives are.

Are you trying to generate more sales? Do you want people remain on your page longer? Or download pdfs? Or watch videos? Do you want them to come back time and time again?

Once you have decided which objectives matter the most to your company, you’ll be able to select the type of data you record that will be useful to your marketing efforts.


Why do people tend to shy away from analytics?

1. It’s too complicated for me


We mentioned before that some companies fear that analytics is complicated – but with a little training, you and your employees will be able to grasp it and use it on a day-to-day basis.

Google offers this on their website – so take a look here if you’re hoping to train up on the topic and use it when monitoring the progress of your online marketing.


2. It takes too long


This, to put it simply, is not true.

You’ll probably spend the longest amount of time training yourself up – but monitoring your analytics doesn’t take long.

It’s so quick, that if you have all the data you want to collect synced to your dashboard, all you will need to do is log on in order to see how everything is doing.

3. My company is only small


When you start a business, you don’t want to stay small forever.

In fact, the aim is to grow year upon year – and as the world shifts online, you need to create an online marketing campaign and monitor it if you really want your company to flourish.

If you don’t have the time or resources, then you can consult an external marketing company who would be more than happy to assist you with your analytic needs.

This really is a development that can’t be ignored, so don’t be left behind.


OK, so set up analytics and collected my data – but now what?

It’s simply not enough to have analytic measures in place and then leave the data festering away on its own.

To get the most out of it, you need to explore your findings.

What is it showing you?

Are there any surprise areas where people are leaving your website?

What are your customer’s favorite products if you’re an ecommerce website?

Are people spending enough time on your pages if you’re a blog/news website?

These are all questions that analytics can provide the answers to.

And once you have these answers you can then go onto to learning from areas that are doing well, as well as assessing the ones that are not.

Take the bull by the horns and change anything that isn’t performing as you would like and measure the changes that your new methods make.

An online marketing campaign is all about learning, shifting and moulding your efforts into what your customers and website visitors actually want – it’s that simple.

And analytics act as a window into that world.

Don’t be left behind the competition and use analytics to help you propel your online marketing campaign to new heights.


Need more assistance?


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