What Makes a Great Blog?

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To have a strong content marketing campaign, you’re going to need an effective blog.

And there are so many people out there already doing this – but there’s just one problem.

A lot of them aren’t doing it properly.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way for your blog.

Yours can be something so much bigger than that, yet don’t worry if you need a hand doing it – that’s where this post comes in.

If you want to find out how to come up with great blog ideas, how to keep people reading, and how to ensure you’re posting the kind of things your potential customers will be interested in then read on, and allow us to help you revolutionise your blogging talents forever.


1. Post useful content
It’s a harsh truth, but few people will want a blog dedicated entirely to the progress of your business.

Such and such a body got promotions? Great. You’ve secured a new big client? Even better.

But if this is all you’re posting then potential customers aren’t really going to stick around for very long.

This is because your readers are after something else – they wants blogs that are USEFUL.

Sure, mix in any business achievements – but make sure you have more content in there that will benefit them.

But maybe you’re now wondering how to find out what your current and potential customers really want to read?

Well, you’re going to need to do a little research before you can answer that question.


2. Research
The best way to find out what your potential customers are interested in is to research what your competition are blogging about. Some of them WILL have effective campaigns in place – so take note of what they’re posting.

As well as this, websites such as buzzsumo.com will allow you to search for keywords found in your sector and then you can see what content is sharing well across social platforms.

Pinterest is another great resource to look at. Search ‘recruitment’ if you work in the sector and you’ll soon get a sense of the types of articles and images in the sector that people are pinning.

Once you know what customers want – creating blogs that perform will actually become quite an easy task.


3. Post regular updates

There’s absolutely no point creating one post and then that’s that.

You need to dedicate whole-heartedly to your blog.

Decide how many times a week you’re going to post and then attempt to stick to similar times each post. And if you worry you’ll be too busy, then create a small backlog when you’re at a loose end.

Any decent content management system will automatically post updates for you if you schedule them – so there’s no excuse!


4. Get people talking
So you have a great blog, and you know your audience will be interested, but to really get the word out there you need to start a conversation.

Encourage people who have read your blog to tweet to you about the content. Start a discussion on your Facebook –  infact, take all the social media platforms and use them to propel your blog to superstardom.

You’ll soon start to see the benefits of a great blog.


5. Include images and videos

It’s important to remember that people don’t just want to see big blocks of text. Instead, they want images, videos – anything to keep the eye interested.

So don’t intimidate readers with large chunks of text – people won’t have the time or the desire required to get to the end of your content otherwise. And they probably won’t come back either.


6. Proof read your blog
Never, ever post a blog without proofreading it.

Infact, get colleagues to check it over for you before it goes live. Bad spelling and grammar paints a certain negative picture of your business – and you don’t want to put people off before they’ve even considered your product or services.


7. Track your posts
If you really want to measure the success of your blog, you’re going to need to monitor how well it’s doing.

But maybe you’re wondering how you do that?

Well, it’s quite simple.

Make the most of tools such as Google Analytics that will track how much time users spend on each of your blog posts.

If it’s not long, you know your content is missing the mark. And if they do spend a decent amount of time there – then give yourself a pat on the back and make sure you do the same thing next time too!


Blog creation and content marketing

Having a content marketing campaign under your belt is important in the modern world. As everyone turns to the internet to buy things, to look for services and more, you can guarantee you are missing out on a group of customers if you don’t make a name for yourself online.

But maybe you’re wondering when you’re going to find the time to focus on this during your busy schedule?

That’s where we can help.

Here at OVG, we specialise in providing content marketing to our dedicated clients. We can produce online content for you, run your social media accounts and also build and renovate your websites. And we’ll do this whilst you focus on the everyday running of your business.

Sound good?

Give us a call on 0844 871 7291, or fill out our contact form here for more information.


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