We are an award-winning agency in Manchester providing brand and design services.


When we create a brand we keep these three things in mind:


→ Identity – Your brand is your company’s identity. It tells people who you are


→ Target Audience Tailoring your branding to attract the right audience


→ Consistency – Appealing to your target audience and helping them to engage with you


Defining Your Brand


Your Brand Is Your Identity

Think about a can of Coke. Now switch the colour to purple and change the logotype font to (sin of sins) Comic Sans. Would you believe that this can really contains Coke?

Probably not, because the product inside the can is bound up in the branding on the outside.

Studies have shown that how food products are packaged can actually change our perception of taste. This is how important the branding of your business is.

Your brand is made up of many contributing factors. These include:

  • Logo
  • Icon
  • Logotype
  • Strapline
  • Safe area
  • Logo options
  • Correct and incorrect usage
  • Minimum and maximum sizing
  • Primary colours and other colours
  • Typefaces
  • Display
  • Letterheads
  • Business cards
  • Web assets
  • Tone of voice

It is the combination of these factors that creates a brand appropriate to the message your company would like to convey and the expectations of your clients.

A Brand Strategy Tailored To You

We will always begin the branding process with a discussion about your aims as a business. This will help us to establish exactly how you want to appear to your client base but it will also indicate who your competition is. With this information, we can begin putting together different aspects to create a brand that stands out.

Creative Branding To Help You Stand Out

Once we have designed your branding, we will provide you with brand guidelines that present all the details and give usage guidance. With this guide, you can ensure that there is consistency between the appearance and tone of all your output. Using your branding correctly is an easy and effective way to tie your content to your business.
Every brand is unique. Whether it’s creating a new one or enhancing and evolving an existing one, we offer a bespoke service that ensures brands stand out.

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