Content Marketing

Content marketing plays a vital role for any business hoping to increase their online visibility.


When we produce any content we keep these three things in mind:


→ Marketing Goals – Producing unique content that enhances your business


→ Brand Awareness Appealing to your target audience with engaging and compelling content


→ Keyword Research – Keyword optimised content to  boost your organic Google ranking


What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing
is essentially communicating and engaging with consumers without directly selling to them. The purpose of content marketing is to provide your customers with useful and relevant information with the aim of being rewarded with their custom or recognition.

And it works.

Types Of Content Marketing

Content marketing
can be anything from a blog or infographic to an interactive game or live event. The type of content marketing you choose depends on who your target audience is and the information you are providing.
We’ve created games, a spoof job website that went viral, infographics, videos, blogs, white papers, onsite content, email marketing, press releases…

The Benefits Of Content Marketing

Most people are adept at avoiding or ignoring adverts. We just aren’t interested in being told what we want all the time.

Where advertising is about sharing the message the company wants to give, content marketing is about starting a conversation. And at OVG, we are all about conversation!

Keeping Your Audience Interested With Compelling Content

A large part of content creation is writing. At OVG we have our own
in-house copywriters who write and publish content to develop brand awareness for each of our clients. They like to vary their days as much as consumers like to see a variety of content so they often team up with other in-house departments like Development and Social Media to produce something special.

Growing Your Audience With Content Marketing

If your content has no audience then there’s really no point in creating it – a bit like the tree falling in the forest. So
once you have your amazing bit of content you need to tell people about it. We have a few methods to get your message out there including paid promotion, outreach and social media.

As we have our own in-house Social Media department, we are experienced enough to know what goes down well on different social media platforms and how best to promote your content.

Content Marketing Strategies To Suit You

One of the main reasons for having a content marketing strategy is to drive traffic and gain, and retain, customers. This comes with the added bonus that once you have a client base who are interested in your content, you are more likely to be able to persuade these clients to convert. And that is your ultimate purpose.
Every content marketing strategy is unique – it has to be in order to succeed.

This means that we will take into account what your aims are, who your audience is and what it is you need to say, before we create a bespoke strategy to deliver results.

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