Content Writing

Copywriting plays a vital role in helping your business increase its online presence.


When we produce any copy we keep these three things in mind:


→ Marketing Goals – Producing unique content that enhances your business


→ Brand Awareness Appealing to your target audience with engaging and compelling copy


→ Keyword Research – Keyword optimised content to boost your organic Google ranking


How Quality Copy Affects Your Site

Your website content serves two purposes: to engage real human readers and to give Google a compelling reason to rank your site highly.

At OVG, we give both of these purposes an equal footing when it comes to copywriting. This means that we don’t simply pack your site with keywords – a method that is counter-productive anyway – nor do we ignore Google’s algorithm.

After all, there’s no point in having amazing content that will never be read.

Experienced Copywriters Who Understand Your Industry

As professional copywriters, we begin every piece of content in the same way: research.

We do extensive research to create engaging and informative copy that is relevant to your industry. We’ll gather insights on your target audience and scrutinise your competition to determine how we can go that one step better. We don’t just want people to land on your content. We want them to read it, engage with it and share it.

Once we’ve done our research we will create a content marketing strategy tailored to your marketing goals.  

Keyword Research shows us the value of particular words and phrases as well as their popularity trends. This helps us to make an informed decision about the subjects we should focus on to interest your audience and help your search engine visibility.

Our aim is to use these keywords subtly so that the copy reads naturally and doesn’t feel over stuffed with keywords.

Creating Content To Suit Your Marketing Goals

Our copywriting services are not limited to website copywriting – we like to vary our days a bit more than that!

We write copy for: games, blogs, email campaigns, research reports, infographics, spoof websites that go viral… Basically, if it contains words, we write it.

We like to put our professional writing skills to good use so we focus on creating suitable content to achieve your marketing goals. This means we often team up with our other in-house departments such as Development and Social Media to bring you a great content marketing campaign that creates brand awareness and delivers results.

P.S. We also like to write some copy for ourselves! You can find it here, in our Reading Room.

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