PPC Marketing


PPC is a great way to target interested customers, build up brand awareness and help your business grow.


→ Effective – PPC is a dynamic way to reach potential customers who are actively searching for your services and are likely to convert


→ Efficient You are only charged for advertising to interested customers who visit your website through the ad


→ Target Audience – Your ad is keyword optimised to reach customers searching relevant terms


What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Sometimes it is referred to as CPC or Cost Per Click. It is a targeted form of advertising that shows targeted ads on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  

Each ad is keyword driven so offers hyper relevant content to the “searcher” or potential customer and offers the easiest and fastest way for a person to click through to the product or service they are searching for.


How does PPC work?

Bid-based PPC is where the advertiser competes in an auction against other advertisers with the highest ranked ad appearing first. Ad ranking is dependent on keyword quality, ad copy and landing page relevance – this is where effective PPC management makes all the difference. As a Qualified Google Partner, it’s our job to ensure your adverts are highly targeted, relevant and deliver the maximum return on investment you can achieve.


Use PPC to Track Your Company’s Growth

One of the main advantages of PPC is that it provides a quantifiable method of measuring the interest and success of all your advertising campaigns. This means that, should one ad get more clicks than other or vice versa, you have the data at hand to make the correct decision.

We will monitor your progress and make changes where necessary to get the most out of your ad and improve your ROI.

PPC tracking also shows you where your leads are coming from. This is where our PPC optimisation team’s experience and expertise can help to identify key areas of improvement – ensuring the success of your campaigns.


Our PPC Management Services


PPC Optimisation

We will always ensure that your PPC campaign is optimised so that your company gets the most out of the advertising cost and generates the best ROI possible.

To do this we perform extensive keyword research to ensure that all your ads are highly targeted and are only triggered by people actively searching for your product or service – generating high intent leads that are more likely to convert or purchase.

We also optimise PPC campaigns by adding cookies to track users and to present them with the most relevant ad to them. We can also remarket to them once they have left your site without converting. By being more specific, and learning what potential clients are looking for, we are able to tailor ads to generate better leads or customers for your company.


Search Engine Advertising

Effective search engine marketing is a powerful tool to generate new customers or leads – or to improve brand awareness. On Google, the top four search results are now ads giving businesses the opportunity to be the  first thing anyone searching for a product or service sees.

Search engine marketing is a highly targeted form of advertising. When used correctly, it offers any potential customer the quickest portal to the product or service that they are looking for.  Google has coined this search process as “the Google adventure” and rewards ad campaigns that provide the best user experience for anyone searching.  

This is where we excel. We provide effective, clear and concise ad campaigns that are reflected in the slick design and usability of our websites and landing pages. This provides the best “Google adventure” out there and drives highly motivated customers and leads your way.

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